Acton Academy Omaha

A powerful trajectory

Here we stand, finishing up our 2nd year of this movement – where we believe children are far more capable than the world gives them credit for – and are capable of leading their own learning. We’ve already seen incredible growth in our community of heroes. They are beginning to discover who they are, what they care about and how to build a tribe to change the world together. Can you imagine what life will look like 8 years from now, when our community will be 10 years old and we will have graduated our first heroes to step into their next great adventures in the world?

I see glimpses of what’s to come from other Acton Academies around the world – and my heart races with excitement.

Acton heroes have landed world-changing apprenticeships.
Acton heroes have won competitive technology positions with cutting-edge companies.
Acton heroes have started their own businesses.
Acton heroes have been accepted into prestigious colleges and universities.
Acton heroes have been sought after as partners by high-level leaders and business owners who need leverage and someone they can mentor to step into leadership.

One original Acton founding family in Austin, TX – the Carpenters – recently wrapped up their journey at Acton as their children, Chris and Ellie, have now both graduated. They were two of the original 7 founding heroes. As Laura Sandefer shared, “They are a prime example of the Hero’s Journey changing the trajectory of a whole family. They took their family meetings to heart, listened to each other’s dreams – and followed them.”

Together, this family wrote, produced and created a major motion film, Hero Mode. It’s currently in theaters and is also streaming everywhere.

As Laura shared, “We celebrate this film as an example of a family taking the big leap to do something scary and hard together knowing that putting art out there in the world brings you criticism… but doing it anyway for the joy of it all.”

What an amazing example to each of us of what we are truly capable of – when we embark on a Hero’s Journey together.

Be encouraged along your journey today!

P.S. – We had a lot of fun in the studio this week – writing Haiku and Free Verse poems, and then sharing them with each other in our “Coffee Shop” Poetry Reading experience – with music, iced coffee/chai, snapping and all! πŸ™‚ The heroes can’t wait for their exhibition coming up in just 2 weeks!