Acton Academy Omaha

Adventure calls

How does it feel to cross the threshold of a new journey? Exciting, clarifying, empowering?

24 heroes and parents stood in a circle under a balloon arch, excited to see each other again after 3 weeks of summer adventures. The dust of summer had settled and there was a sense of clarity in their eyes. Leaders were rising up and excitement to begin the next chapter of their journey at Acton was evident.

“On your mark, get set, GO!” The family challenges had begun. Challenges like a family bingo game to learn more about the other Acton families, a “One Thing” goal setting challenge, Gratitude Art to complete together, and the sacred moment of parents and heroes making their commitments to each other and crossing the threshold to begin their journey at Acton together.

As we circled up, the heroes were excited to share their observations.

“I think the families have a lot of things they like to do – since I heard different answers each time!” – 7 year old hero
“My family’s goal is to be kind to each other.” – 5 year old hero
“Our family’s goal is to be focused.” – 10 year old hero
“I noticed that all of us families are more alike than we are different- and that is so refreshing for me!” – 7 year old hero

As we stood in our circle under the balloon arch, we remembered why we are all together on this adventure in the first place. We believe who we are becoming matters – and not just what we do. When 10 years have passed and these heroes are on their next great adventures in the world, what kind of leaders will they be? They will be leaders who care. Leaders who critically think. Leaders who respect others. Leaders with real-world, relevant skills. Leaders who understand the powerful balance between being tough minded and warm hearted. Leaders who aren’t afraid to use their voice and precious gifts to affect change in the world.

The leaders our world needs.

As a unified community, we link arms and begin our journey for year #3 together!