Acton Academy Omaha

Beginning the Journey Celebration

It was Thursday evening, August 29, 2019. The day when we would officially commit to each other and begin our journey as Founding Heroes and Families of Acton Academy Omaha. 7 excited Heroes and 8 courageous parents crossed the threshold, committing to work hard, be kind, reject victimhood and embrace the journey – and became part of a ground-breaking tribe.

As each family and hero poured their individual color of sand into our sand bottle, it was a magical moment. The very thing that we had all been dreaming of for almost two years had now become a physical reality. We had prepared ourselves. We had prepared the Studio. Now came the biggest challenge of all – to begin building our Tribe of learners. Much excitement mixed with a little fear entered our hearts. Yet as we poured that sand, we linked arms and charged forward together.

The Heroes were invited to go on a scavenger hunt alongside their parents. It led them to discover various places around Thrive Space, secret facts about their fellow studiomates, what in the Studio made them curious, and even invited them to serve a snack to themselves and their parents. With excitement, they grabbed their own clipboard and eagerly collaborated to finish each challenge, working hard to qualify to earn the secret prize at the end. 🙂

As our time together drew to a close, we commemorated the celebration with a toast. Sparkling white grape juice was poured into fancy plastic stemware, and the Hero’s eyes widened. We shared what we are most excited for as we begin, and what we appreciate about each other already. As we clinked “plastics” (instead of glasses ;-), we smiled as we were already discovering something that drew us together the entire time – a tight-knit community of lifelong learners. A breath of fresh air. Only a few more days to wait now!