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Do you believe your child is uniquely gifted and deserves to find a calling and change the world?

Creations, Challenges and Conflict, Oh My!

Failure and frustration have taught them to see the power of initiating a conflict resolution. They have experienced the help and comfort it offers first-hand and how to quickly grab the peace flower and use this life raft on their own.

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The Power of a Little Voice

Sometimes the groups are organized, working hard, and beat the timer. Sometimes they aren’t. Yet each time we sit around the circle and reflect on their experience, the groups acknowledge the habits that will help them be successful – focus and hard work.

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Ideas, Creativity and Trailblazers

As we heard the story of the first Thanksgiving and considered what it would be like to be without food or warm shelter in the first cold winter, or how it would feel to lose our family members to the disease, they realized first hand how grateful the Pilgrims would feel for the Native Americans who chose love instead of fear or control.

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Little seedlings of passion

A seedling of LIFE that is sprouting and growing inside each Hero. In this seedling, they are tasting what passion feels like – and the joy that hard work on a passion brings.

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