Acton Academy Omaha

Failure: A Sacred Superpower

As she wrapped her arms around herself in a tight, warm hug, the biggest smile spread across her face. “I feel SO good when others listen to me – it makes me feel like a princess!”

Then, looking around, she spotted the next hero with his hand raised who was excited to share his opinion, and gently passed the peace flower to him.

Such a special culture of respect is being built where each hero has a voice and is listened to.

Yet do you know what it took to get here?

A lot of interrupting. A lot of frustration. A lot of tears. Our heroes have learned through experience how awful it feels when others aren’t listening – and they were ready this week to adopt a few more structures to our circle times in order to make them a more peaceful and enjoyable experience.

“When you have something special to share and someone interrupts you, how does that make you feel?” Mr. Chris asked.

The circle was unified in vulnerability, much like tired siblings after a squabble – who are yearning for peace and joy. “Terrible,” one commented. “Yeah – like I’m not worth much,” another shared.

“And how did today’s circle feel to you?” Mr. Chris asked, reflecting on the new structures that had been adopted.

“It was peaceful,” one shared as he put down his hand and received the flower to speak. “We were listening to each other.”

When growth happens through failure, the learning sticks. Our studio is a sacred place set apart as a training ground – a “Hero Headquarters” – where heroes are equipped to discover their calling and to change the world. It’s a safe place for heroes to experiment, reflect and learn through doing – which must include failure.

Failure is sacred. Heart-wrenching and transformational all at the same time- if we can recognize its potential and beauty.

These beautiful heroes are transforming from the inside out.