We will get a Hero Buck Committee this week!” was the rallying cry heard at Monday morning’s circle. For you see, the heroes hadn’t had one for weeks. No one had been earning the set amount of points in order to make it out of Reset and into the Flying freedom level. Distraction, Resistance and Victimhood had been lurking, and at times had been winning. One could see heroes not making it to circle on time, or hear voices rising to a level that caused the Yacker Tracker to blink red dozens of times. All of these things equaled points lost, and the gap between the heroes and desired freedom levels lengthened.

Until this week.

Enough is enough! the heroes energy communicated. They were finally bound and determined to change their trajectory and outcome. After seeing of the example of the football player who carried a 160-pound teammate the length of the field blindfolded in the movie Facing the Giants, the heroes sat in silence. As the discussion went on, they resolved that they would never give up this week – even though it was hard. Even though they knew they’d be facing two weeks of Reset until Freedom Levels could be unlocked again. They knew the way out – and they had determined to get there.

This morning, cheers rose as for the first time in weeks, more than enough heroes had earned enough points to run for the Hero Buck Committee elections. Three heroes were elected, along with one alternate. Going around the circle, candidates shared why they would make a fair Hero Buck Committee member – and the rest of the heroes voted. The studio breathed a sigh of relief. They had set a goal, worked hard, and rose to leadership and ownership of their studio.

Resilience. Grit. Character.


We are so proud of our heroes and know they will only continue to grow through each challenge they face!