Our heroes inspire me each day. Their kind hearts to help each other. Their patience with each other to grow at their own pace on their own journey. Their courage to share their feelings with each other in moments of hurt or frustration. Their love to believe the best and choose forgiveness. These heroes are growing into a tight-knit community who are bringing the best out in each other. I stand back and smile.

One story from this week that inspired us all was Mia. As one of our oldest heroes who is really strong in reading, she began working with the Grammar Boxes a few months ago. Things were pretty easy until she reached the “Noun 5” Drawer. This drawer asked her to identify the names of the female, male and offspring for various animals. I looked at her and smiled, saying that we would be learning these names together, as there were many even I had never heard of! She nodded, smiling with confidence and we took the plunge.

Twelve times. It took her almost 3 weeks, working on it each day before she could proudly say that she mastered it this week – without needing to look any words up.

And yet – joy characterized her. She had the space to master it in her own time, on her own accord – and this journey gifted her a deep feeling of satisfaction. She persevered and she overcame, one day at a time.

You know what this joy propelled in her? Increased energy and enthusiasm to continue to persevere and overcome! The very day that she mastered the Noun 5 Drawer, she went on and mastered the Noun 6, Noun 7, Noun 8, Noun 9, Noun 10, and Article 1 Drawers. She was on FIRE! The other heroes’ eyes widened as they learned just how many “works” Mia had completed in our work block that day – which lit a fire in them as well to see how focused they could be and what they could master.

Oh, the beauty and power of our tight-knit learner-driven community… our heroes inspire each other to learn and grow.