Innovation takes time. One experiment is built on top of the last, slowly and slowly getting better and better. How do you make the best pot? Would you spend a lot of time making a single, perfect pot or simply make as many pots as possible? At Acton, the heroes are discovering that each day is a chance for them to try, fail and try again – on their way to success.

A new year is an opportunity for a fresh start to build the tribe – and we are witnessing this in our studio cultures. It’s amazing to see how our culture is being built year by year, and upgraded as the heroes continue to grow and transform. Last year, many of our elementary heroes were brand new and the group didn’t know how to work together or create a Lip Dub. This year, we have leaders stepping up to block everything out, offer feedback, make adjustments, and film the entire thing. There is an energy and vibrancy in their tribe as they work together. This energy has infected their whole studio- even in core skills. A pin could drop it’s so quiet as these heroes are working with focus, peace and motivation. Leaders are rising up to lead team building challenges and crafting discussions to build their tribe, one day at a time.

At the beginning of year three, we can now see more than ever – a seed takes time to grow.

Faith is the fertilizer.

Respect is the oxygen.

These 24 young heroes ages 3-12 are far more capable than ever imagined. They are building their tribe and being transformed in the process! We have the best job of all, getting to be along for the ride and witness it all!

Enjoy a few snapshots of our first two weeks! See if you can find the green tree frog our heroes found outside!