Although we are enjoying the beauty of fall, this week I was reminded of the little seedlings that come in springtime – for little seeds of beauty, health and LIFE are sprouting in our studio. Seedlings are growing a stronger root system, day by day.

As we gathered in the afternoons this week for the Heroes to think about various aspects of their businesses for the Omaha Acton Children’s Business Fair coming up, (just 1 week away!) a buzz of excitement filled the room. The Heroes are quick to share with excitement all about what they are selling! Two heroes are selling “Paper Airplane Surprises”, another “Lego Plants”. 3-D printed objects, original Lego creations, art and soap are among the creations the other Heroes are selling. For some, this is their first fair. Others, this is their third fair. Regardless, each is excited to venture along this journey into the unknown and try something new, bubbling up out of their passions.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

Last year, for our very first fair, Ethan and Alaya participated but were hesitant. We helped Ethan choose a business that he could do, and although he liked it at first, he realized he wasn’t really excited about it. This left a hole and a big question mark for him – “What am I excited about?” – a question which he continued to struggle through the entire past year. At 5 years old, Alaya started a business that was fun for her, but when it came time to interact with the people who came by her booth at the fair, she shrunk back and hid her face.

Over the past year, as another fair opportunity came into view and the Acton Omaha Tribe was formed this fall, a shift happened in Ethan and Alaya, which has been reflected in the rest of our tribe of Heroes as well – a passion to create, to build, to interact with and influence others. Now, I see Ethan and Alaya going door-to-door in our neighborhood, selling anything they think is of value to the neighbors – and not getting bogged down in the “no’s” that they get.

What is this shift?

It’s a little seedling. A seedling of LIFE that is sprouting and growing inside each Hero. In this seedling, they are tasting what passion feels like – and the joy that hard work on a passion brings. No, these Heroes aren’t just building businesses for the fair – they are discovering and building themselves. They are learning to live their lives in a forward stance – one that builds, creates and solves problems – instead of a stance that leans backward, complaining about life as a victim.

This is where the unleashing of a joy-filled life happens. I’m so proud of these 7 Heroes and the journey of discovery they are on!