It Starts with One

Vulnerability is a gift that few experience. Yet, when one breaks the silence, others are attracted – even invited. Vulnerability is like fresh air rushing into a stuffy room. The calmness that floods each soul. The assurance that even in the midst of the chaos, a path is revealed, showing that everything will be alright.

Finding Yourself

As the learners stepped foot back into their studio after our two-week break, they noticed the space looked different… including the addition of the Artisan Warehouse, as we are exploring what it is like to be an artisan this session! The Artisan Wearhouse (aka “Ritisana Wearhouse” as nicknamed by some learners) is a place where […]

Real feedback, Real growth

Receiving authentic feedback from a real-world test like an Exhibition is one aspect that makes this learning experience so powerful.

Friendship + Feedback

Real friendship and real feedback, leading to real growth. Even at just 7 years old.