A journey through our 6th Session in Pictures and Words.

A miracle in and of itself.

How the smallest seed turns into the mightiest tree.

How potential can lay asleep, for thousands of years, and at the right moment, spring to life.

How similar growth in nature is to our growth as humans.

A precious, sacred, miraculous, deep-inside-yet-invisible –


A caterpillar who sheds its skin, curls up in a “J”, loses his head and completely liquifies inside his cocoon –


Yet with potential doing it’s magic.

10 days later emerges a completely different creature, ready to fly to new heights.

How equally precious, equally miraculous is our own transformation?

From the dirt of our lives, nutrients rush forth to lure the seeds of potential inside –


The challenges, the pain, the struggles.

Transformation to someone new, ready to fly to new heights.

What a sacred journey we are on –