Acton Academy Omaha

What am I capable of?

In the Elementary studio last week, the heroes had some big realizations.

They had been offered the challenge to unlock their Halloween Party by being caught up with their team Quest work, and for completing their initial Exhibition planning (happening just 2 weeks from tomorrow). After battling some initial victimhood, the heroes started digging in and figuring out how they would meet the challenge.

Days were passing, and although we were confident they could do it, time was drawing shorter. On Wednesday, our last Quest day for the week, the heroes got in their teams. As they began working, something seemed different about this day – distraction had vanished and motivation and focus had taken it’s place – in a way we hadn’t seen yet this session. These heroes had found flow. As they neared the end of Quest time, they came up like a diver who had just visited the deep waters. As they reflected together, they expressed an awe of how much they had just accomplished.

One team captain spoke up and said, “I just have one question for my team… why have we not been working this hard the entire time?!” The others nodded and smiled in agreement.

Sometimes it is in challenges like these when the heroes have the opportunity to discover just how much they are capable of. A nudge that believes they are capable of so much more.

With some problem solving, including voting on allowing a few heroes to finish up an individual challenge on the final night before the party, heroes emailing each other to check in on their progress and a small group of people choosing to meet in the grass during their outside time to do the initial planning for Exhibition, we were pleased to see that the heroes DID indeed unlock their Halloween party! We celebrated with them all of their problem solving and hard work, while they enjoyed all of the tasty treats they brought to share with pride!!

Our heroes are discovering that freedom comes with responsibility, and the habits that when developed, will help them become heroes who discover a calling that will change the world.

This journey of real learning takes time – and there is room for that.

P.S. – Meanwhile, in the Spark Studio, the younger heroes also discovered what they are capable of. They worked the entire week creating their Halloween decorations, and they felt so proud of themselves.

They used punch pins to “poke out” many pumpkin, ghost and leaf shapes, which they excitedly taped on the walls. They cut out spider webs and bat shapes and strung them together to make a garland. They even worked together to cook their own caramel sauce to dip their apples in for the party. Finally, when all costumes were on, music was chosen and they had a dance party!

t always amazes me how much joy the simple things bring for them – and the beautiful satisfaction of how they created it themselves – even at 3-7 years of age.

That, I believe, is the most powerful part of all.