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Acton Academy Journey

Do you believe your child is uniquely gifted and deserves to find a calling and change the world?

The Fire of Curiosity

We had started to notice a flicker of curiosity coming to life during this time when we read, rest, or as we started recently, to write – sometimes with journal prompts, sometimes without.

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build the tribe

A heart of inclusion

Leadership and power. Two words that often get mixed up and confused – like the swirling gray mist of a dense fog, or the the stickiness of fingers after eating a piece of bread dripping with honey.

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The Hero Buck Game

Moments when challenges become opportunities. Moments when new possibilities are discovered. Moments where enemies are turned into friends.

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beginning the journey celebration

Crossing the Threshold

For it’s not that a hero doesn’t make mistakes or isn’t afraid – instead, a hero chooses courage in the midst of fear and gets back up when they fall down.

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summer camp

Back at Last

Laughter and big smiles. Teamwork and patience. Conflicts and courage. Warm sunshine, cold water and big, loose parts for play.

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The Best Kind of Lemonade

As the little kindling of their curiosity is fanned into flame, they are equipped with the foundational mindset, motivation and skills to venture forward and create their own futures.

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A love that transforms

To go from a posture that is “against” the world to discover what one is “for” – this is the transformation that unleashes the world-changer inside.

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