Acton Academy Omaha

Acton Academy Journey

Do you believe your child is uniquely gifted and deserves to find a calling and change the world?

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build the tribe

Leveling up

Innovation takes time. One experiment is built on top of the last, slowly and slowly getting better and better.

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beginning the journey celebration

Adventure calls

Leaders who respect others. Leaders with real-world, relevant skills. Leaders who understand the powerful balance between being tough minded and warm hearted.

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science of magic

Magical Moments

Day by day, in an accepting community, this young hero is discovering his voice, his passions, and in time – will discover his calling in life.

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A powerful trajectory

Acton heroes have landed world-changing apprenticeships.
Acton heroes have won competitive technology positions with cutting-edge companies.

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build the tribe

A sweet scent

Questions flowed from their curiosity during Quest, and they began their own research projects to showcase at Exhibition for this Session’s theme, “Growing Curiosity”.

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deep growth

The Miracle

How equally precious, equally miraculous is our own transformation?

From the dirt of our lives, nutrients rush forth to lure the seeds of potential inside –


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Give it time

Even when we can’t see, we can cultivate with wonder and faith as a gardener, patiently waiting to see the unveiling as the little seedling finally pops its head out of the soil. Sometimes, it just takes time.

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arcade games

What are we building?

In a learner-driven environment, learning can be messy at times. Guardrails have been tested. Promises made aren’t always kept.

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acton athens

It’s all Greek to me

These heroes felt what it was like to write Greek characters in an ancient Greek wax tablet, while wearing a leafy laurel wreath. They discovered which ancient Greek god was most like them and created a sculpture, along with their own version of an ancient Greek myth.

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